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@Update 8-11-18
« on: November 08, 2018, 07:26:17 PM »
@Updates 8-11-18

-Boss stats reworked
-Added new bonus item for newbies(Rebirth Manager)**
-TvT-DM Reworked
-Removed PvP Coin from LS Zone Farm 1-2 (Only PvP zone and Party Zone
-New prices for lifestone on shop
-Level 5 Auguments from shop are buyable with Vote Reward and not PvP Coin
-Daily PvP List error fixed
-Respawn time for Raid boss ( Queen ant,Baium,Antharas ) Reduced from 12H->8h

**People who have more than 4 slots are not able to see the items on Rebirth Manager, also they can't wear it too.

Server is growing and be more stable day by day, Thanks for support!