Author Topic: @UPDATE OF L2REALITY (17/11/20)  (Read 1081 times)


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« on: November 16, 2020, 09:11:39 PM »
Hello some info about incoming update.

-Dynasty armors added in game [ +150 P.DEF | + 100 M.DEF]
   -Every boss will have chance [30%] to drop Dynasty armor parts.

-All bosses from 1st/2nd page spawntime reduced from 3 hours -> 2 hours.

-Server will be stuck augment skills [ Rebirth Style ] (All players will start 1/10 slots, you need augument slot item to unlock the slots)
  -You can find Augment slots at all bosses and party zone mobs with same rate of reality scroll. It will be added on vote shop/event shop too.

-Reality scrolls will add on vote and pvp shop.

-Added 1 more time of Party Zone at 04:30 pm and 1 more time on Tournament at 10:05 pm

-In order to keep the maximum rate of income new players on server and also cover the distance between the gears , we decided to release 100% Armor free for all.
 -So 100% Armors +25 will be available on special shop for free after the update, Also custom weapons will be for free on special shop. Players will farm a little to catch the safe spot of +25 full gear and will fight to upgrade his rings and enchant himself!

That's the main part of our update, hope you will enjoy it!

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